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Steven's debut novel is published by SRL, the world's first climate positive publisher. 

For every book sold via the SRL website, they'll plant a tree. Click HERE to order or HERE for Amazon.

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When Ben meets the enigmatic Sophie, they fall wildly in love. But when Sophie makes a secretive visit to a cemetery, she begins an unexplained fascination with moss that takes over their lives. As Sophie’s obsession with the tiny plants grows, Ben’s troubled past returns to haunt him. And in his attempts to calm an increasingly erratic Sophie, he must uncover the truth:

Why is Sophie hiding her past? 

Who is spying on the house? 

And what’s growing beneath the moss in the garden?

Finalist of the Page Turner Writing Awards and Long listed for the Laxfield Literary Launch Prize, Steven Mitchell’s sensational debut novel explores the quirks of obsession and how our past can destroy the present.  



Steven's debut short story collection is available HERE

We are all little islands,
Alone in the tumultuous sea.

A woman sees illnesses as colours. A jaguar escapes from a zoo. In the periphery, a ghost takes revenge. A day trip to see a whale. An arsonist brother terrorises a town. A man with a secret wakes as a beast. Feathers fly in a salt marsh shack. Two dead friends get hitched. Birds perch upside-down. A bus driver is haunted by noise. Elvis duets with a young fan. A man rants at the stars. A helium addiction is overcome.

Steven Mitchell’s debut collection of short stories blends warmth and humour with tragedy, illness, and death, while introducing us to a cast of characters experiencing loneliness in their own unique way.

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Bloody St Albans

A collection of crime stories from Hertfordshire writers, co-edited and featuring a story by Steven. Available HERE

The knives have been out in St. Albans since long before Alban lost his head in the third century AD for swapping cloaks with a wanted man. With a timespan of nearly two millennia, these torrid tales tell of local monks and barmaids; coppers, crooks and nannies; assassins and scammers as they engage in dastardly dating, dig ’em up skulduggery and conniving killing. Verulam Writers’ collection of stories of murder and mayhem, all by Hertfordshire writers, brings to light St. Albans’ dark side.

Featuring stories by bestselling crime authors Rachael Blok, Howard Linskey and Candy Denman, and a host of Verulam Writers members including JL Merrow, Steven Mitchell, Wendy Turner, and Dave Weaver.

50% of the profits are donated to the charity, St Albans for Refugees.

Covidity cover Verulam Writers


A collection of writing inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Co-edited and featuring a story, Missing Cats, by Steven under the name Phil Mitchell.

Available for free from online booksellers and from the Verulam Writers website

Seeds of Promise Cover.jpg


An anthology of poetry, prose, memoir and fiction, that will encourage any writer to step outdoors to look to the natural world for inspiration. Featuring poems and short pieces by Steven. 

Available HERE



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